We’re having a baby!

I don’t usually post overly private things here on my blog as I tend to stick to raving about makeup and I like it that way but I thought it would be such a fantastic place to document this amazing, exciting, nervous time in my life and how cool would it be for the the baby in my belly to read this one day?  

This is my first pregnancy and soon it will be over and we will have a little bundle of joy to make our lives complete. Excited is an understatement (I have actually never seen my other half more excited about anything!). Some days it still doesn’t feel real but then I pop my head into the nursery and see the little cot and think about its new resident coming soon and it quickly becomes all very real. 


My pregnancy has been pretty good so far apart from the dreaded morning sickness which seemed to strike me all day everyday for the first couple of months making it difficult to keep anything down. But it quickly disappeared when I entered my second trimester and was replaced with the coveted energy I read so much about. Now I’m heading into my final trimester I’m certainly starting to feel the strain, my energy is slowing dwindling away so I am learning to embrace putting my feet up and enjoying getting tended to. 


I have loved trying to the dress the bump. Even though it is such a foreign experience as for years you try to dress to suit your body, always trying to ensure you look thin but now you must get your head around trying to negotiate your sense of style with a big bump thrown into the mix with any notions of looking slim well and truly out the window. 


I feel incredibly blessed and so ecstatic for this next stage in my life and have been trying my best to document my first pregnancy as it has been going incredibly fast and soon it will be a distant memory that I will want to cherish forever. Sometimes I look back at the pictures of the bump at a couple of months when I thought it was so huge and compare it to now when it really is so huge and I am just in awe of how my baby is growing.  


We just can’t wait to meet our little baby – June cannot come quick enough! 


Any mummy’s out there please do leave some of your top tips for a first timer below. And if you would like to read more pregnancy posts just let me know.

CC x


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    Congratulations xo

  2. Awe congrats my love!!!! Can’t wait for some very glamorous mommy posts!

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